About Clinchd

We want to sit at the core of helping companies make the right decisions in their sales activity that drive growth.

    Our mission

    At Clinchd, we're on a mission to build a sales management platform focused on revenue growth that reflects how people work today; light touch, more conversational and inclusive.

    Focusing on revenue growth

    Current CRM tools try to do too many things. They lose sight of the one thing that matters; closing deals that generate quality, repeatable revenue.

    That’s why we’ve engineered Clinchd from the ground up on the basis of removing anything that doesn’t contribute to sales growth.

    Does that make it less powerful?
    Absolutely not, it’s about focus.

    Less admin. More clarity.

    CRM tools are too admin heavy. Our research shows that sales managers in mid-size organisations spend 40% of their time maintaining sales data.

    We believe the future of sales is driven by light touch updates. That way, everyone remains in the conversation and focused on selling, not on time-consuming admin.

    Sales is a team game

    Clinchd keeps deals moving by allowing teams to come together to promote, share and engage with all the deals in progress.

    Deals are often hard won. Give kudos to those who made it happen and create a sales energy with a competitive edge.

    Product Roadmap
    Core Product

    Free and first-tier paid subscription

    Pipeline management on lightweight core

    Work in Progress

    Second-tier subscription

    Share content

    Native integrations

    Teams AI
    Coming Soon

    Intelligent operations (AI/ML-led)

    Speech interaction

    Storry WarnerStorry WarnerFounder / CEO
    At Clinchd, we strongly believe that a solution focused on growth outcomes built for todays way of working has the potential to substantially disrupt the market

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